Monday, 14 September 2009

Useful tips for staying heathy and fit

Hey everybody! Now I am going to share with you some tips which have worked wonders for me in keeping me fit and healthy. Though I would like to add here that I do not fit into the super fit and healthy category, nor do I try to struggle constantly to achieve that hour glass figure, I am quite comfy in my own skin and have always loved eating high calorie junk food and stuff :D but I do make some effort to stay within the limits and keep checking in my health state now and then. Whenever I feel I am going a bit off the track with my weight, I follow some simple rules to get back into my original shape. Unfortunately I come under those unlucky ones who have a slow metabolic rate and it is therefore very easy for us to put on weight but takes ages to loose it :(

Like most Asian people, I also have a pear-shaped body and the areas of my body which tend to put on most flab are my belly, hip and thigh region and I am not an admirer of those occasional love handles on the sides of my belly which obviously is a result of neglect towards my eating pattern and lack of exercise during the fest times. So what sort of things I do to get back into shape and stay fit and healthy? Ok, so here are some of the things that I start incorporating into my lifestyle:

  • I start singing! did you know that singing for about half an hour will calm you down and make you happy, and by doing so you sing away the pounds too! and if you are into rock & roll then shaking a hip will work even better!
  • I start going out for my fave outdoor sport i.e. badminton, I am not a great player but still I love playing badminton! It's a great way of loosing weight and staying fit and healthy by choosing to play your choice of sport with your near and dear ones and in this way you can enjoy the weekend and have fun on the way!
  • I start reading a lot of magazine articles where they inspire us with tips to loose weight and when we see all those pictures of models with fab body and clothes on, it subconsciously inspires us to work hard to attain a body & style like them.
  • I try not to have too much of the high- carb and fat intake and start eating food which are rich in protein and fiber as they don't make me crave food and it takes quite a while for them to be digested and makes me feel like I have eaten a lot!
  • I have always felt that it reduces my food consumption if i drink a big glass of water before my meals as the water fills in the stomach leaving less space for the food and I am filled up to the brim! Drinking water is also good for flushing out toxins from the body giving the skin a healthy glow.
  • I always save my best bit for the last! This is my top tip and I can't even stress enough how effective it has been for me in bringing my weight down and keeping me fit and healthy.Taking small meals within regular time intervals rather then taking 3 big meals of the day. finishing up your dinner by 6 pm is utterly important as the metabolic rate goes down after 6 and after that it takes ages for the food to get digested, if you have a habit of eating late in the night then what happens is that the food isn't digested properly and is converted into fat, so make sure you are having your dinner by 6 pm latest. After you are done with your dinner, try sitting down on your heels with the feet kept together for at least 10 mins in a posture like this: This is called Vajrasana & is the only form of yoga which is supposed to be done just after having the meals and it helps in speeding up the digestion and is supposed to be very effective in improving the health in general.

So here it is! my path leading to a fit and healthy lifestyle! These simple things have always worked for me and I hope it works well for you too, and if you have already tried some or all of the above tips then let me know what you think of it.

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Thank you girls xx

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  1. thanks for the sharing the lovely tips hun! I have a lot of trouble gaining my old shape back 2 :S I am gona try ya water trick as well as that posture after eating..I do a bit of Pilates which helps in toning the body too :)

  2. Yes Pilates is great for toning but I am yet to try on it. I might give it a go in the future if I feel the need for it xx

  3. lol. that's how i was when i first started playing tennis. i sucked so much but i played because i liked it. not because i was good.

  4. lol...we Shouldn't really care about what ppl say when it comes to the things we really like :D

  5. These are fabulous tricks Thank you!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the health tips! Yah, finishing my last meal before 6 pm is quite difficult since I'm up late a lot but I heard it works wonders and the last nutritionist I saw had advised me to do just that (but of course, your first meal has to be at like 6-7 it's an early start to the day too!).

  7. Sara I'm so glad you it!

  8. Hi Karen! it does'nt really matter as far as the first meal of the day is concerned, make sure you don't eat too much at a time, eat smaller meals throughout the day and finish up by 6 to 6.30 max, and if you stay up too late in the night and you wanna have something to eat then you can have a cup of soup or a cereal bar, but avoid any heavy meal after 6.

  9. Thank you for sharing your tips!

    This past year, I have been really diligent about drinking plenty of water. My body and skin have done a complete 360!

    Bottoms up! :)


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