Monday, 23 November 2009

A review on Elite Lip Glosses

Among many recent entrants to drugstore based cosmetic brands, is Elite with its range of Make up products. I came across this brand at my local Superdrugs store and decided to give it a try by purchasing two lip glosses. I tested them on my lips for three days [check out my pics by the way] and here's what I feel about it:-

Left to Right: Elite repulp lipgloss; Elite Shine Up Gloss

Elite repulp lipgloss in the shade: 12 Tempting Plum

Elite Shine Up Gloss in the shade: 15 Rouge

1.The Good Side to it:- To start with I found the packaging to be very stunning and elegant in appearance and it feels great to have it in your bag and occassionaly flaunt it in Public. The glosses are available in a variety of beautiful dazzling shades. The Elite repulp lipgloss comes with a brush tip so there is no need for a separate lip brush for applying color to your lips. A bonus was that the Elite lip glosses leave a beautiful shine and makes your lips look fuller in appearance.

2.The Bad Side to it:- The glosses doesnt have long staying power, smears/bleeds when worn on top of a lip primer! The lighter shades dont have much pigmentation in them which means you need to apply atleast 2 coats for them to show up and also conceal the real colour of your lips! Another thing which I noticed about the Elite lip glosses was, the colors begin to crack up on the lips within 10 minutes and thereby accentuating the fine line on the lips and this really disappointed me! Priced at around £6.85 per bottle I personally feel its priced on the higher side for a drug store brand!I on my part bought it via a 'BOGOF' offer at Superdrugs and it was a kind of relief to me :)

The Verdict:- Will I buy it again? Although I really like the shades, I doubt buying it as I feel its just an ordinary lip gloss with great looking packaging and its a gloss that doesnt stay long on your lips and finally its priced on the higher side!

Have any of you tried any Elite Products or planning to? If yes please feel free to share your opinion with me!

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  1. Wow!!! Yr lips look hot n so full in these shades girl.

  2. Now I understand the purpose of full lips...ur lips do proper justice for the gloss :) envy :( luscious lips, Sonali

    Useful review :) I am also kinda sucker for packaging, so this was real help!

  3. omg these are so pigmented! Plus they suit your pefect lips hun! I would def give these a try =)

  4. I've never heard of Elite brand before but these glosses sure look great on you! I love the shades that you had on. :)

  5. Anonymous24/11/09

    I'm having some serious lip envy right now! lol
    I also wanted to let you know I've given you the Lovely Blogger Award! If you've done the post already in the past please don't feel that you need to re-do it, I just wanted to let you know that I'd included you!
    xo em

  6. @Cynthia: thanks gorgeous! xoxo

    @Divija@: awwee thank you, darling! I am glad you found the review helpful xoxo

    @Shifa: I agree, the darker shades are well pigmented, though I'm not very pleased with the pigmentation of the lighter shades, however, it may look good if applied over a lipstick xoxo

    @witoxicity@ I haven't heard of them either until I discovered this brand in Superdrugs a week back xoxo

  7. @Emily: awwee I envy your beautiful bone structure and your big eyes hun!

    Awwee Thank you so much for nominating me for the Lovely Blogger award :)),hugs xoxo

  8. those lipglosses look super juicy on your beautiful lips!

    just dropping by to say hello, first time visiting your site ;)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. xphoebelinax : Hi! Welcome to my blog:)
    Thanks for the compliment, gorgeous!

  11. WOW looks amazing! Love your blog btw! Check out mine if you have time? I followed you :) xxx

  12. waitin' 4 another posttttt...where on earth r u, sonali :(

  13. Thanks Shabna for the lovely comment xoxo


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