Friday, 8 January 2010

...And I fell In Love with NARS Cream Blush!...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everybody!

So how have all you being doing today? And how is the weather at your side? Hot/Warm/Cold/Chilling/Freezing? Over here in the UK its freezing "Oh my God" kinda weather!

Anyways enough of all of that icy talk and lets shift gear to something hot and happening! Yes darlings! I am talking about my new found love - the NARS CREAM BLUSH! As many of you are aware, a few days back I received some gifts from and one of them was the NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower and today I am going to review it.

NARS, is a globally well known brand and they dont need any introduction, as the name says it all! Their products are made with state of the art technology and the same can be said about their packaging as well! You feel very special when you open their products and use them! NARS products are used by amateurs to professionals and suit very dark to pale skins! They have a wide range of colors, some which are pretty wearable shades and some which are absolutely stunning! I have tried a few NARS products myself and freely admit I am in love with all of them! The quality of their products is fantastic and everyone of them has certainly lived upto my expectations!

Here is what NARS has to say about the cream blusher:- "Moisture-rich cream finish formula that provides smooth, silky color for naturally luminous skin. Delivers long-lasting color with a velvety texture and blends easily for healthy glowing skin. Provides a sheer, flush of color for all skin tones. Creates a silky-smooth texture for easy blending. Enriched with Vitamin E."

As you can see the Cactus flower is a gorgeous reddish pink color with suspended golden iridescent particles! NARS cream blush gives depth and a 3-dimensional finish to the region you apply it on and it gorgeously lights up your face and helps create a beautiful reddish flush like appearance to the skin [similar to the 'Just worked out' look].Its texture feels light and creamy and certainly not gloopy or sticky on skin. This blush stays on for a long time without fading or changing color and doesnt leave my cheeks oily either! And a bonus and certainly important feature of NARS cream blush is that these are well pigmented and a little is more than enough on you! I also tried this blusher on my lips and gave it a subtle colour. The cream blush can also be used for those 'make up less' days to add little bit of color here and there!

A downside of NARS cream blush is it doesnt come with a blusher brush and you need to use your fingers to dig into it and use it. If you are a hygiene freak then you better use a good blusher brush specifically made for cream blushers! Another downside of this blush is that since its a cream blusher it has a shorter shelf life than powder blushes! In terms of pricing it certainly is on the higher side (£18) and you need to save some extra cash for this goody from NARS but then its worth every penny you pay for!

I sure hope my review about NARS cream blush was useful and saying which I take leave now!

Thanks for coming and do drop in again!

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  1. This looks gawjus hun! Fanks for the helpul review :) We would love to see this on you hun :) I have always wanted to get a nars cream blush and will defo get this one or penny lane :D

  2. nice review sonali!

    i love nars blushes =)

  3. I really must try a Nars cream blush at some point, can't believe I never have actually!

  4. great review, ive never tried a nars product before, would love to though!

  5. lovely review spot on, i absolutely love this blusher its soo versatile that almost any skin tone can rock it, i use it on so many people because its absolutely gorjus!! cnt wait to see you work it!

  6. Its such a gorgeous color..looks pretty pigmented. xx

  7. I was thinking about investing in a Nars cream blush so thanks for this review!

    ps CHICAGO is maddd cold. i cant breathe if i step out into the frigid cold. its about -6 degrees (F)

  8. This is so pretty...I've always admired it in the website.
    It's 'Oh My God' cold here too :|

  9. oh my gosh it looks amazing! i may have to purchase some from strawberrynet! i'm still waiting for them to post up all the photos of the nars product though! :D

    thanks for the photos hun :D

  10. @all; thankQ for dropping by girlies, hugs xoxo

  11. That blush is absolutely gorgeous! I still have yet to try NARS blush, can you believe it?

    Thanks for the review!


  12. @Kate: I am glad I could be of some assistance, love xoxo

  13. This is such a lovely colour for a blush. Excellent review, btw! I love how detailed it is. But...but where's the movie star face with this blush on? ;D

  14. @witoxicity:You are welcome, sweets!btw I am in the process of employing Megan Fox for the movie star face with this blush on pic (just kidding he he!) xoxo

  15. Anonymous14/4/10

    Hi there Beautifier! Stumbled across your blog and I really like it - will defo be following. pls take a look at mine ...if you like it follow me back :)

    i am considering giving NARS a go, i really need to move away from my tunnel vision MAC!!!!



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