Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Very Sweet Surprise from

Hello Everyone!

Christmas and New year just went by! It was the time of joy and happiness and also giving and receiving gifts. I gave gifts to near and dear ones and also received some as well! Its said that its better to give than receive something and this applies to gifts as well. I do feel happy when I give gifts and at the same time also feel happy when someone gifts me something. All of us are hard working people in real life striving to achieve something and leave our mark in this world and one does appreciate it when your efforts are acknowledged by someone.

A few days back I received an email from a representative of, who read the blog I posted about and was so pleased about my review of their company that they sent me, as a token of their appreciation and as a Christmas and New year's Gift, a box of goodies filled with some great cosmetic products! To tell you the truth I was very happy to receive them and it indeed was a very sweet surprise from them to me! I received the goods within seven days of it being shipped from Hongkong. They arrived in very good condition. All of the items were packed in a sturdy white colored cardboard box and each item in it was individually gift wrapped and covered with bubble wrap and for extra protection thermocol board and thermocol noodles were placed so that the goods dont get damaged during transit or handling. The fact that all of these goods arrived all the way from Hongkong, in pristine condition and without any damage in them was really a very joyful surprise to me. I have received a few goods from outside UK and most of the time they used to arrive with some minor damage or the other and I used to hate it when I receive some expensive cosmetic with damages on them and you had to then run behind the company for a replacement and end up wasting your time. So I would like to thank and their representatives for sending me these goodies in a short span of time without any damages to them.

Below you can see a picture of the goods I received and the box in which it arrived.

Given below is a list of the goods I received from them:-

a."ULTA" Mate Stila set:-The box contained the following items:- 'Best of Stila' Ulta Mate Stila 8-Piece Set: 1 Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 50ml in Shade 01, 1 Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream [2.2g] in Peony, 3x Shimmer Eyeshadows [2.6g] in Go Lightly, Wheat, Mystic, 1 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow [2.6g] Kitten, 1 Major Lash Mascara [5g] in Black, 1 Lip Glaze [2.4ml] in Ulta Mate Pink .

b.Benefit She Laq:- 5pieces set - She Laq Magical MakeUp Sealer for Eyes, Lips & Brows ( 1 Clear Liquid Seal 15ml + 4 Brushes)

c.Prescriptives - Color and shine lip set:- 2 Lip Glosses [3ml] + 2 Lip Colors [4g], 2 Moonbeam Reflective Glosses [3ml] in 12 Comet and 03 Stellar colors,2 Colorscope Lipcolors [4g] in 15 First Crush Blushe r and 21 Posh Ginger R/O color.

d.NARS Cream Blush in cactus flower

e.Tweezerman Mascara Protector:- A Mascara guard.

In the coming days I will be individually testing each of the goods I received and write a review about them [come on girls, what do we beauty bloggers do best? Review them ofcourse], so expect to see them very soon.

I am sure most of you would want to wait for my reviews and then take a decision before going for them or not, but then I would like to mention that some of the items I mentioned are available under special offers or limited edition packs and I dont know how long they might be available at So if any of you want to try them then you can go ahead as all of these items are from very reputed companies and are also very popular and I am sure all of them are good in their own way. By the way is offering extra special discount on make up and fragnance and free gifts for new customers! I suggest you grab them HERE while it lasts.

I would like to once again make it clear that I am not representating in anyway and neither have they paid me any money. The goods were sent by them by their own free will and it had no motivatory factor in my writing this post or the previous post about strawberrynet

Well thats it for now my sweeties!

Expect my reviews in the coming days!

Till then have lots of fun [as girls just wanna have fun!!]

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  1. Wow!! What a nice box of goodies!! Have fun with it all!

  2. Ooh..nice stuff girl! Looking forward to yr reviews esp the Nars cream blush n Stila set :)

  3. wow! how lucky where you? how did she find out about your blog? are prices better than retail prices?

  4. Wow! That's so sweet of the site to send you so much goodies!!!

  5. wow!!
    lucky you!!!
    defo will be ooking forwardto the reviews!

  6. You got a lot of nice products, I look forward to your reviews.
    Especially for the Benefit She Laq!

  7. wow that's super generous! i love strawberrynet :D i always get my stuff from there! :D i'm so excited they have nars on the website now :)

  8. awww thats lovely hun :D
    Defo waiting for a review on the Nars product :)

  9. Wowy!! That's a whole bunch of goodies! Well deserved! Enjoy them all, my dear!! Can't wait for your reviews on ALL of them. Heh heh! :D

  10. Beauty Scribbler@ thanks love!xoxo
    @Cynthia: awwe thanks, infact my first review is going to be on Nars blusher, so do watch out! xoxo
    @Lizzard: hun, I really dont know how they came across mine, all I know is that google seach engine plays a major role in it! xoxo
    @Lisa: yes, its indeed very sweet of them to do so! xoxo
    @desigirl87: thanQ hun! xoxo
    @Arezu: thanks sweets, I will be doing the reviews pretty soon, so remember to check back soon xoxo
    @xphoebelinax: I know! I know! its very generous of them! xoxo
    @Shifa: thanks, love! xoxo
    @witoxicity: thank you sweetheart!
    I will defo enjoy them all! xoxo

  11. I read a lot of not so good things about that site. A lot of people say their products are fake. :/


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