Saturday, 24 April 2010


Do any of you believe in Instant Love? Well I sure do for it indeed was instant love for me the day I received this little but mighty bottle of a Magical Sealer! Guess I must blame its super chic packaging! I found myself gazing at this cute bottle like a greedy kid at a bar of candy and soon I opened the bottle and instantly took a swatch of the clear liquid stuff on back of my hand and realized its going to be an integral part of my daily make up routine!

And without further ado let me introduce to you all to my new found love, the 'SHE LAC MAGICAL MAKEUP SEALER' from Benefit. Its one product I would love to score some 'Brow'ny points for changing the way my brows look! It comes with four small [tacky] brushes in an organza pouch!

Since time immemorial the thick and long hair on my eyebrows have been a matter of concern to me and I've always wanted to manage this unruly feature of my face and desired for a tamed and polished set of eyebrows but never found a solution for it! But all of that changed ever since I started using She Laq and have never looked back! After I finish filling my brows with a brow gel /pencil, I set it with the She Laq sealer and it holds the hair and brow wax, right in place and does not budge till I remove it with soap/cleanser plus water! She Laq sure is recommended for those party night outs!

The proof is in the pudding! cream Eye liner test. The one on the R.H.S (without She Laq) smudged!

I have also been using She Laq for sealing in the mascaras, eye pencils, eye liners made out of eye shadows and lip makeup and it does the job of sealing them all very well, although, beware getting it into your eyes, it burns!

Eyeshadow Test, I rubbed both the swatches really hard! The one with She Laq (L.H.S) wins the game!

Another thing to keep in mind is the odd chemical like smell which somewhat reminds you of nail polish and appears quite glossy on skin!

My Verdict:- She Laq has certainly lived up to its hype despite the fact its expensively priced at £19.50 for a 15 ml bottle, it sure is worth money well spent! This definitely is one of Benefit's finest products!

So my darlings! Have any of you tried the She Laq sealer from Benefit or any other sealers for sealing make up? I sure would love to know your experience with it!

"The 'SHE LAC MAGICAL SEALER' 15 ml bottle was sent to me by and I was not paid or requested by them or Benefit for this product review and it has been published by me out of freewill!"

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  1. It looks great. Something I could use. My makeup has magical powers, it vanishes no matter what I use.o loved the swatches.

  2. this looks really nice ive heard this frpm enkore he used this to seal liners and works

  3. Looks pretty cool! But is it just me, or does the She Laq make your eyebrow swatch look a bit shiny?

  4. @Sarah: Yeh, It happens with me too but this sealer is a life saver! xoxo

    @Camille: Its a great product to try! xoxo

    @Y: hehe It does appear quite glossy on my skin however I got carried away a bit too much with this stuff and loaded it onto my skin while doing the eyeliner test! The trick is to use a tiny amount of this stuff otherwise it could look shiny!

  5. wow! what a unique product. never really heard of before but gota check it out now :)

  6. This looks so amazing! It does look like it makes a lot of difference. Boy, I need it for my unruly brows


  7. wow, such great results! Something like this could be quite useful :)

  8. omg i remember the girl at the counter making me rub the crap out of my hand, i was sooo amazed that the product didn't budge. this potion is magic!

  9. sounds interesting !
    I would like to get this , only if it had been available here :/

  10. Benefit are so original... and this sounds like a must-have!

  11. I love this stuff! I use to to wear my mascara to the beach, it's amazing. The only product I know that you can wear in salt water and it still seals.


    Thanks for following :)

    xox Laura Beth

  12. been lemming for she-laq for a looooong time..

  13. Seems to be sooo great! *-*

  14. i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  15. @ all thanks for you comments, ladies, its a great product, I love it! its worth checking out! xoxo

    @Lily nail, Hi girlie! I'm too late to know about it, your giveaway has ended :(

  16. How very interesting! Based on your tests, it looks like it can tame just about anything! I think that's excellent! I've never ever tried a makeup sealant before. :)

  17. @ Witoxicity, If it can tame my thick long eyebrows, it can tame anybody's! xoxo


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