Thursday, 29 April 2010

My April Favourites!

Hi all! Hope you are having a great time! In the image below you can see my 10 favourite 'Picks' for the month of April! Most of them acquired prior to April but are my present faves for this month!

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush, this one is the travel size (30g), I carry this in my hand bag, a quick spray on the roots gives the hair lots of volume, soaking up the excess grease & adds a bit of fragrance to the hair too!
  2. Head Jog Supa-Klipz Hair Clips, its strong and durable, has a nice grip which is ideal for long hair.
  3. Kent nylon and bristle brush, for grooming and smoothing hair, it penetrate thicker hair, cleans, de-frizzes and promotes shiny looking hair! I have this in handbag size and I find myself reaching for it all the time.
  4. Simple Intensive Lip Moisturizer, it makes my lips super soft and adds a beautiful shine to them that lasts for a long time, way better than my Vaseline and Chapstick lip balms!
  5. Patons Nail Polish Remover Pads, definitely needs a mention in my April Favorites! Comes in a jar that is travel friendly, the pads are super effective in removing the nail paints for a mess free easy removal and does not make my nails go dry and brittle, though must say I hate its smell!
  6. Victoria Beckham V Sculpt Eyeshadows, this one is in Tender Nights, its an excellent highlighter, perfect for the brow bone! The bottom part has a thin magnetic base, which would adhere to any metal palette, these eye shadows are meant for those who love to carry their own custom palettes!
  7. ELF Flat Top Brush, its my current favourite brush for applying mineral and liquid foundations!
  8. Sleek Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, Its a good match for my brow color, these pencils are easier to work with & provide a beautiful natural finish to the eyebrows.
  9. Accessories from Primark, I'm loving this beaded necklace in red and white chunky beads, the bracelet is big and transparent, could be paired up with any outfit.
  10. F&F peep toe high heel snake effect sandals, perfect for glamorizing any boring outfit, I am LOVING it!!
Now you guys know about my current favourites so it would be lovely to know from you all what are your favourites for April?

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  1. The shoes look fabulous girl. I'm also liking the look of that Elf brush very much!


  2. Love the shoes hun :) I need to get some ELF brushes as I heard good stuff about it. I got a mini-batiste recently too and it smells gorgeous doesn't it

  3. Those shoes look gorgeous! I couldn't live with out batiste so I think I need a mini one for my handbag too :-) xxx

  4. How much does the dry shampoo run, I may want to invest in that baby!


    xox Laura Beth

  5. Gaaah I wish we had dry shampoos over here. I've never seen them anywhere!


  6. @Cynthia, Its a good brush, can also be used for applying cream blushers xoxo
    @Get Gawjus: Ah I love the smell of it in Blush and Tropical! xoxo
    @Shari: Yeah the mini bottle is more convenient to carry away in the purse xoxo
    @Laura Beth, I paid £2 for 3 travel sized cans of Batiste xoxo

  7. Omg the shoes are HOT

  8. @Amandita: Thanks hun xoxo

  9. You know what I'm going to say, don't you? Your snakeskin heels! To die for!!

    Seeing that ELF brush reminds me that I should get some of them great brushes myself! Read so many good reviews about them. :)

  10. @ Witoxicity, thank you hun! I have got a few ELF brushes but this one is the best so far vovo


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