Saturday, 1 May 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Cosmic Polish and Some Blog Awards!

Hey Everybody!

Today I am wearing twin coats of Eyeko Cosmic Polish (for Space Age Nails) and I am loving it [p.s. please excuse me for the dodgy application :)]! It is a glossy black nail polish with a lot of tiny multi colored glittering particles which add a 3dimensional look to it! I was lucky to win this in Shifa's giveaway along with other goodies!

So what are you all Nailsporting these days? I sure would love to know!

Going on to other things, blog awards specifically, I was tagged by the gorgeous Nada of Arabian Eyes for a total of three Blog Awards, the first being the 10 Tag Award:-

The rule for receiving this award are to post 10 things that makes you happy, now I have done a similar post on seven things that makes me happy, so for this post, I would be adding in 3 more things in addition to the seven things that I've already posted, to complete the 10 things tag. So here goes the 8th thing that makes me happy.....
8) I love soft cuddly toys, at times when I am feeling a bit low, hugging those softies cheers me up for sure!
9) I love taking pics and making collages, my poor little PC must be cursing me for overloading it with pictures and stuff ha ha
10) Last but not the least, I love sleeping, visiting nice and beautiful places, as these two things recharge me up like anything!

The 2nd one is the I Love your Blog Award:-

And the third one being the Beautiful Blogger Award:-

The lovely Maki has also tagged me for the Top 10 Award with its rules being the same as the Top 10 tag award mentioned in this post.

I now tag all of my lovely readers for these lovely awards! Feel free to post these awards to your respective blogs together with a post on 10 things that makes you happy :))
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  1. I love this on you hun! Your gorgeous nails put it of so well :)

  2. love this polish :)
    I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I just like it, you are talented.
    Liloo from France

  3. I like the shimmer in this polish :-)

  4. Oooo, that polish is gorgeous with all those little glitters. Great for a night out! :D Congratulations on the blog awards, my dear!

  5. @ All, thanks for your sweet comments xoxo

  6. Oh I love that glam. Congrats on your awards girl :)


  7. This polish is so gorgeous, it really does look 'cosmic' :)

  8. Oh wow i love this nail polish I want one


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