Sunday, 5 September 2010

Product Rave: Prescriptives Lipsticks & Lipglosses!

Sometime ago, someone requested me to do a review on my all time favourite lipstick in shade First Crush Blush, from Prescriptives. The Prescriptives Color and Shine set was sent to me as a gift a few months back and the lipstick was a part of the set and came inside a lovely red box. The Color and Shine set contains 2 Moonbeam reflective gloss in shades Comet and Stella, both size 3ml, Plus 2 Colourscope Lipcolor in Posh Ginger and First Crush Blush both size 4g. in a stylish & sturdy metal case.

The Moonbeam lipgloss in shade 12 Comet is a beautiful shimmery golden brown color while the other shade 03 Stellar is a gorgeous shimmering mauve brown color.

The first lipstick is the shade 15 First Crush Blush which is a mauve brown color with a creamy finish (my fav shade). The other one is the shade Posh Ginger - a dark brown colour with a hint of orange and a shimmer finish to it.

Swatched (LtoR): Comet lipgloss, Stellar lipgloss, and First Crush Blush lipstick.

Unfortunately, I couldn't swatch Posh Ginger for you as I gave it as a gift to my mom a long time back. The Prescriptives moonbeam reflective glosses remind me of MAC lipglasses and provide a similar sticky feel on the lips. These glosses come with a brush wand for precise application and the color stays on my lips for around 3 to 4 hours. What I really like about these glosses is that they contain tiny light reflecting particles in multiple colors that provide a brilliant multi-colored shine and 3d effect on lips!
Now going on to the Colourscope Lipcolor shade in First Crush Blush (*blushes*)! The shade itself is a classic combination of brown and mauve and will surely look lovely on any person with a fair to medium/olive skin tone. The lipstick has got an emollient finish to it and glides on like a dream! Its rich in moisture and provides a lot of volume and oomph to the lips! I have worn this lipstick to parties, work, college, for shopping and it goes on well with any outfit and looks good at any time of the day! The fact that I wore this shade on my last birthday speaks a lot about how much I love this shade!

I highly recommend these lipsticks and lipglosses from Prescriptives as their Color and Shine lip set is of a fantastic quality and good value for the money and they would make a nice gift set for any lipstick loving lady out there!

Coming to another exciting thing, I got a package from Sleek yesterday...

What 's inside the box?! hummm take a guess, girls!
My next post is going to be on this 'thing' until then I shall keep those who are unable to guess it right in a state of puzzle ;)

So, have any of you tried anything from Prescriptives & found it to be good? any recommendations?
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  1. OMG IS IT THE SLEEK MAKEUP BRUSHES?! argh, I'm jelaous if you won those!

  2. hehe girl! you got it spot on!!!

  3. I got my brushes yesterday too ^^
    So far they are ok, the blusher brush is no way near as soft as ELF blush brush but the rest seem fine.

  4. sonali, am so jealous tat u guys live in uk and u get real quality drug store products like sleek at a reasonable price. but not us! :(

  5. I have a crush on your first crush lipstick! I'm loving that pretty pink shade!:-)

  6. The first crush looks abso stunning...its so glossy on its own i doubt yd need anything over it..

  7. Moonbeam looks lovely!

  8. que lindas cosas!!

    y que suertuda =)

  9. yup i have tried prescriptives 1
    lip gloss in Comet 12
    lip gloss in Stellar 03
    lipstick in First Crush Blush 15 Cream
    lipstick in Posh Ginger 21 Shimmer

    and im loving them (^__^)

  10. awwee thanks ladies for your lovely comments!

    @indianmakeupways: hehe I too feel the same when I spot some great deals across the seven seas!btw Sleek does offer International shipping so there is nothing to be envious abt, hunny! xoxo

    @rhaindropz: I am glad you share the same view as mine! xoxo

  11. Hey those glosses are just.....Soooo beautiful...I'm loving that pretty pink shade!

  12. Anonymous6/9/10

    Hi! thank for this review, it was requested by me! My name is Nina and i don't have a blog :(

  13. These are so pretty. I love the shades. I had never heard of this brand before!

    Congrats on winning a contest! Winning free things is always so nice. Can't wait to find out about it.

  14. Prescriptives has closed down!

  15. I liked the first crush blush best..will give it a try!!

  16. i have to agree with all.. first crush is amazing !! and congrats for the sleek brushes !!


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