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Sleek Professional 21 Piece Brush Set Review

Hi Folks!
I had mentioned in my earlier post, that I won a package from Sleek makeUP and  had left it to you to guess what it is and so here I reveal  in front of you, my very own Sleek Professional Brush Set! (actually my sweet brother Robin won this for me, so thanks bro if you're reading this!). FYI Sleek will be releasing this brush set in the end of this month and they are yet to decide on it's retail price for the markets, so people, you will have to wait sometime to try them out!
Sleek Makeup Brush Set - Professional
Gosh! With great excitement I want to tell you how much I love the big brush case that holds these brushes!Its a large and roomy brush roll, big enough to hold more than 21 brushes. It's made of artificial leather & comes with lots of spacious compartments and also contains 4 wide pockets to help you store your makeup in it which I think is so convenient and well thought for a brush roll!  It also comes with an adjustible belt to nicely snug  around the waist area! However one thing I would like to add is that  it would have been better if the top part of the roll had a flap over it that could be flipped down to protect the brushes from dust or damage.
And now  I shall start my review on all 21 brushes, describing most of them individually. Amongst all of these brushes, I undoubtedly have a few favourites and also adoring most of them, but there are a few dislikes as well! So lets begin with the bigger brushes first, shall we?!
Sleek Makeup Brush Set - Professional
Clockwise: Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Angled Highlighter/Contour Brush.
Powder Brush: A medium sized brush for loose/pressed powder application. It's a densely packed brush and  picks up the product well but I'm not quite impressed with the brush quality as compared to my Ecotools/TBS powder brush, this brush feels scratchy on my skin.
Blush Brush: This is a better quality brush and I love it for its nice dome shape, perfect for applying blush on the apple of cheeks.
Foundation Brush: I'm loving this brush the most! It's a pro quality brush, very well built and feels super soft on the skin! By far, its the best foundation brush I have ever tried!
Angled Highlighter/Contour Brush: it's a lovely brush & feels soft on the skin, could be used with powders or even liquid foundations to contour/highlight the areas of your face.
Sleek Makeup Brush Set - Professional
L to R: Large Fan Brush, Small Fan Brush.
Large Fan Brush: Now this is an interesting brush! It has a good size for easy makeup application! The brush hairs are a bit rough (just a bit!).
Small Fan Brush: Its a smaller and lighter version of the Large Fan Brush, the brush is not very dense and therefore would make a great brush for taking off fallen pigments!
I would use both these brushes for dusting excess powder, to take off fallen pigments, for a precise contouring as they don't grab a lot of product in one swipe and for blush application
Sleek Makeup Brush Set - Professional
L to R: Extra small Domed Eye Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Angled Brow Brush, Lipliner/Eyeliner Brush.
Extra small Domed Eye Brush: Its a nice brush for precise application or blending the eyeshadows, perfect for creating a cut-crease eye look!
Flat Eyeliner Brush: A very nice brush! Its feels quite soft on the eye area, the brush is a perfect size for lining/tightlining the eyes. I used it with my MAC Fluidline and it made the application nice & easy!
Angled Brow Brush: Not a very good brush! It feels rough on the skin & is badly shaped. I won't be using it as I've much better brow brushes to line my brows with! I would have really liked if Sleek had added a Spooley brush in place of this brush.
Lipliner/Eyeliner Brush: Its not the best brush of the lot but it can be actually used for a precise lining. I would be using it for lining my eyes or as a lipliner brush.
Sleek Brush Set - Professional
L to R: Large Shader Brush, 2X Small Shader brushes.
Large Shader Brush: Its a nice brush for shading the eye area. The brush hairs are tapered at the end, making it easier to pick up a desired amount of product from the eyeshadow pan and shading the eye area.
2X Small Shader brushes: These are similar to the Large Shader brush but of a smaller size and are useful for shading the smaller regions of the eyes.
Sleek Brush Set - Professional
L to R: 2X Small Shadow Brushes, Meduim Shadow Brush, Large All over shadow brush.
2X Small Shadow Brushes: A lovely eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow on smaller areas. They are tapered at the end but feel softer than the Shader Brushes shown above.
Medium Shadow Brush: Its a medium sized shadow brush, quality wise same as the Small Shadow Brushes.
Large All Over Shadow Brush: Very big sized for a shadow brush and  might not be convinent to use if you have small shaped eyes. I would be using it for shading larger areas.
Sleek Brush Set - Professional
Clockwise: Eye Crease/Contour Brush, Lip Brush, Smudge Brush, Angled Shadow Brush.
Eye Crease/Contour Brush: Great for contouring the eye area and also works as a lovely crease brush. I am really impressed with its size & shape! Its a domed shaped brush and works beautifully on my eyes! I thought Revlon Contour Brush and ELF Studio Contour brush were great but this one is even better!
Lip Brush: The best part about this brush is that it comes with a metal cap! The cap fits on tightly so you don't have to worry about it popping off while you're travelling!
Smudge Brush: A must have brush if you are into smudgy smokey eye looks! The eye smudger is made of sturdy rubber and it's not the hollow sponge type, I would say its much better than the ELF smudge brush!
Angled Shadow Brush: For me, this brush is a must have! I love using it to blend colors and also use it as a contour brush.

Although there a few things that I am not quite liking about them one of which is that the brush handle is a bit too long and they often bumps into my mirror when I'm sitting close to it and applying makeup. Some of the brushes are shedding a bit which is quite worrying, and lastly, these brushes dont have any number or name printed to the handle, which makes it difficult to identify or describe them.

Overall, I would say, Sleek Brushes are worth a try. I am not comparing these to any MAC or high end brushes as I don't own any of them yet! But for a drugstore brand, I am quite impressed with these brushes and am happy to add them into my brush collection!
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  1. Lucky you. These look great.

  2. can't wait to try them;)

  3. Anonymous6/9/10

    Ain't you lucky? =P. Thanks for the review =D.

  4. I'm going to wash mine and then review them next week. I find the blush brush quite scratchy and the powder brush shed 3 hairs the first time I used it :/
    I don't know the names of all the brushes so would you mind if I use the names you have? Seeing as you know all of them!

  5. @ Louise: hey! I don't mind it at all! Plz go a head and use the names, hunny!xoxo

  6. You're really lucky!
    You have an award on my blog. You can see it here:

  7. @Becky: awwweee thanks a lot sweets!hugs! xoxo

  8. Wow! , thats a LOT of brushes there ...i wish shipping to india werent that expensive !!!

  9. Thank you!
    I wouldn't know what to name the 4 sizes of eye shadow brushes haha
    :) x

  10. Ur so lucky Sonali! It looks like a lovely brush set despite its flaws :)

  11. I want these brushes sooo much! Where can I order them, Sonali?

    I am looking for good but not too pricey eye crease and blending brush.

  12. @Desi and the City : This Brush set is yet to be released in the market, hopefully by the end of September. You could then buy it from their website, they do offer an international shipping :)

  13. Wish I had all these cool brushes to play with!

  14. Anonymous7/9/10

    all the brushes look so sleek! :D

  15. Vo! you've got a great stuff....Lucky!!!

  16. Oooo wow! MAC had a LE mini brush set but it was sold out when I went to buy it... but I'm happy I didn't get it now because this set looks so much better (& it's probably much cheaper too!) xx

  17. @Sami: Good for you! its definitely cheaper, girl! xoxo

  18. wow great set ! so useful :)

  19. They all look so soft! Wanna try them...



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