Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics!

I have always been fascinated by Mineral Makeup, which has been around in the cosmetics market for a long time! Mineral Makeup ranges are believed to be infused with Au'Naturale ingredients which are supposed to be good for your skin! I remember discovering 'Bare Essentials' and decided to try out the new concept of mineral based make up and find out if it really was good the way it was pitched by its makers and my initial reaction was that I was very happy to discover their unique formulation, texture and ease of application! A new world of make up opened in front of me and more and more I delved into it the more I fell in love with it!

Every luxury comes with a price attached and because of this my fascination for Mineral Makeup subsided slowly as I felt the pinch while at the same time I kept looking for cheaper good quality alternatives to Bare essentials and in the process discovered a brand called Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics! Initially I was skeptical as I never heard of this brand but then after visiting their website found that they have a MASSIVE range of foundation shades that I got tempted to give them a try! I requested the company to send me a sample of 2 foundation shades to try but then they sent me more than two samples to try out!

I received 10 sample packs of mineral make up which included the foundations in 2 shades (from their golden shade range), 1x finishing powder, 2x mineral blushes, 2x loose eyeshadows, 1x loose eyeliner (Love it! can also be used as an eyeshadow!), an illuminator and a bronzer. Below are the swatches of all of them (all swatched wet without any base underneath):-

Both the eyeshadows are pigmented and have a soft texture. Stormy eyeliner can be used wet or dry to line the eyes for an intense shimmery look and it also works great as a eye contour color!

Tricky and Petuna have a pearly finish to them and they go on super smooth and impart a beautiful sheen to my skin!

I am adoring the candlelight Illuminating dust! It kind of reminds me of the MAC mineralised skin finishes. The Maple bronzer is a very shimmery bronze shade, it is not quite dark a shade on me and is a tad bit too shimmery for a bronzer which is why I won't be using it as a bronzer, but as a blusher/illuminator - a big YES!

Buff'd Cosmetics' foundation ranges are categorised according to different skin tones and basically their extensive foundation range caters to almost every possible skin shade which is simply great! As I have a yellow undertone to my skin I had ordered their Golden foundation shade range and the foundations in the 'Golden' range are truly yellow in color and have the maximum amount of yellow pigment I have ever seen in any foundation and you can see that the Medium Light color matches me closely. They offer three different formulations for every foundation shade - Original, Light, Concealing. I chose the Concealing formula which has a touch of Kaolin clay to offer greater coverage and oil absorption. Both foundations are finely milled, easy to apply and a little goes a long way! They give a flawless matt finish which lasts for about 4-5 hrs and then start to look a little bit cakey on my skin and then all I have to do is spray a little MAC fix plus on top to reduce any cakiness and revive my skin! The finishing powder in Sundane is very lightweight, minimises my pores and imparts a difussed glow on my skin, I hightly recommmend it!

Overall I am impressed with this range of mineral makeup and want to get more for my everyday use! Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics are made with the finest minerals and pigments, oils, waxes, natural presevatives and fragrances - free of irritants and toxins that can be damaging to your skin! Its great isn't it?

Have you tried anything from the Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics? Please feel free to share your views about them!
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  1. Shd we not promote 100% natural products.

  2. Stormy and Petunia are so gorgeous... would love to try these out too:-)

  3. I liked Stormy,Petunia and Rabid.
    Those colors are super pretty.


  4. so pretty I liked stormy. petunia and stormy the best. So beautiful colors

  5. ohh i love the range..stormy. petunia and rabid...lovely..thanks for sharing

  6. Blushes in tricky would look gorgeous on you! Could we see a look using any of these colours plz Sonali? :)

  7. petunia looks stunning.really gorgeous colors

  8. hey..those were Awesome ideas!!
    I use Mac..concealer..and Finish it off with a Bronzer..But I like the spray fix plus that you have mentioned..from MAC ..which absorbs oils..and stays away from Cakey look!!

  9. Anonymous21/12/10

    Oh lala, I like the colors!

  10. Stormy has certainly caught my eye there! :)

  11. @All- thanks a lot your your comments!
    @Shifa: I'll certainly consider doing a look using these colors soon xoxo

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