Thursday, 23 December 2010

My Early Christmas Present! The Strictly Come Dancing Fab-u-lous Cosmetics Case!

Hey everyone!
I recently got hold of my Early Christmas pressie - The Strictly Come Dancing Fab-u-lous Cosmetics Case! woot! Look at the absolutely stunning black sequin case!!

Look at the gorgeous array of eyeshadows, lipglosses and blushes, all in a palette form while the Vanity case lies open! The makeup it comes with easily slips out so you can add your own items to the different tiers! It also comes with three makeup brushes - 1x lip brush, 1x eyeshadow brush, 1x blush brush. To be honest I found these brushes to be of a mediocre quality, the speed at which the two smaller brushes are shedding, I recon these are going to end up like a bald man's head!

Some eyeshadows are more pigmented than others but majority of them are quite pigmented. Lipglosses are simply fabulous and nicely pigmented. The blushers have a shimmery finish and are of a decent quality for the price. Below you can see the swatches of all of these (All swatched dry and without any base underneath):-

(Eyeshadows - 1st Row)

(Eyeshadows - 2nd Row)

(Eyeshadows - 3rd Row)



This would surely make a nice present for any girly girl who has newly entered into the makeup world and wants to get her hands into trying out different colors and textures! I can justify buying this alone for its gorgeous case and lipglosses! I spotted this at Boots in the half price offer, but by the time it was bought, it had gone back up to full price i.e £45. Its now down to £30 so grab it while it lasts!
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  1. ... Its so nice... i ♥ it.

  2. Oh wow this looks great! I know for a fact I'm getting it from my nan so thanks for the swatches, it's making me really look forward to it now :) xx

  3. This is gorgeous, id love to get this for xmas! :) xx

  4. many colors and options...yeah we have similar kind in US too..
    its a perfect gift ..
    thanks for
    sharing :)

  5. Anonymous23/12/10

    Wow that is greatk, love the bag!

  6. Very nice. A wonderful early Christmas gift.

  7. OMG! drool galore, the casing is so nice and the colors are pretty. I won't even know whete to begin if i have that:-)

    Merry Christmas beautiful:-)

  8. Wowww such a gorgeous set!!! Love the shadows in the first row:))

  9. Hey Sonali...I'm really miss your makeup look honey...I'm waiting for it.

  10. Awesome!
    Please check out my blog. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much :)

    Enjoy the holidays!!


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