Monday, 31 January 2011

False Eyelashes from KKCenterhk

Hey All!
For past 1 year I have been adding lots of false eyelashes to my collections yet hardly wore them as putting on lashes can be tricky. But then when I was approached by a Hongkong based company named KKCenterhk to try out 6 varieties of their ES Brand Fake Eyelashes, I was especially excited as some of them are self-adhesive! I tried them on a few occassions and today will give my opinion about them!

False Eyelashes from kkcenterhk

I'll begin with the ES Brand A22:
These lashes are not self-adeshive so you'll need to buy Eyelash Glue to use them. They have a nice length and are beautifully curled at the outer end and is best suited for nightouts and would look amazing with smoky eyes!

ES Brand A254:
Non self-adhesive ones. These are light weight and curled at the outer end. My NYE Party Look was done using these falsies.

False Eyelashes from kkcenterhkWearing the A254 Eyelashes from ES Brand

ES Brand A52:
These self-adhesive lashes have a criss-cross pattern and great length to them! They also feel lighter and comfortable to wear.

ES Brand A011:
These are the non -adhesive and quite comfortable, and look natural on eyes so I suggest you go for them if you fancy more length to your eyelashes!

False Eyelashes from kkcenterhk
Wearing the A011 Eyelashes from ES Brand

ES Brand A077:
These self-adhesive lashes give your eyes a dramatic look as they are extra long, dense and have a criss cross pattern and curl at the outer end and would great for a night out! My FANTASY CHRISTMASSY Look was done using these falsies.

A slight problem I've with them is that some of them have a very thick strip ( ES Brand A22, A011 & A077). I prefer thin strips as I can get the lashes much closer to the edge of the eyelid and also because of the thick line I could also feel the eyelashes on. I had to apply a thick line of eyeliner to hide the strip. Other than that there is not much to cringe about them as they are comfy and durable pair of lashes that would last me for ages!

Hope you liked my review about KKCenterHK Eyelashes!

Have any of you tried them on or planning to? If so please share your views about them!
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  1. oh dear i didn't realize some of their lashes are self-adhesive!!! I must ask for those next time LOL!

  2. I love these lashes. the site sent me some also and i really love them.

  3. m loving their lashes... even i got few for review... check out my blog post...
    Btw love your makeup in d first pic... great colour combination !!!!

  4. @ Deeptima- thanks hun, I'll defo check yours out! xoxo

  5. LOving the lashes. I myself never tried on lashes. But someday would try it anyway

  6. The lashes look great and your eye make-up is gorgeous :-)

  7. i loveeee false eyelashes!

    are the strips pliable? :)

  8. I love your eye makeup ^_^ and your false eyelashes looks really good on you.

    thank you for your lovely comment =)

  9. fantablous...the eye make too good!

  10. They look fab on yr eyes! Gorgeous makeup too


  11. Tricky or not, I think you're a master at putting them on. I still need lots of practice. Your eye looks here are beautiful, Sonali. As always. :)


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