Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Grimas Water Makeup Palette 'A' and 'B' and An Introduction To Face Painting!

I am a big fan of Grimas Products! Grimas as some of you might know is a Dutch based company developing and producing Make up for professional and hobby segment, and are the leading European manufacturer of stage makeup and face painting products.

For a longtime I've been searching for professional quality eyeshadow palettes that are super pigmented, easy to blend, cost effective, easy to carry around with a wide variety of colours to choose and my search ended when I heard about Grimas from famous Youtube Gurus and Make Up artists who collectively give Grimas a stamp of approval, I had to try them out for myself and now I'm very pleased to do so!

I am now the proud owner of lots of Grimas eyeshadow/rouge palettes which I truly adore and freely admit they're some of the BEST eyeshadows I've ever used (a review coming soon!).

Now after successfully trying out their eyeshadow palettes I wanted to know more about about this brand and decided to try out their Water Makeup Palettes 'A' and 'B'.

There are two types available - Basic water type and Pearl (for a pearly/shimmery finish) - of which I ordered the former from Facepaint UK.

Grimas Water Makeup Palettes

There are two trays of 24 colours A and B palette combined, very useful for starting out as a Face painter.
Palette A contains 2.5ml of 12 standard colours you could not face paint without: 001,201,301,401,505,101,502,402,601,701,702,1001.

Palette B also contains 2.5ml of 12 essential colours that you would need in your kit. Colors Include: 103,203,302,303,407,508,501,503,504,1004,1040,1075.

Grimas Water Makeup Palettes A and B
L-R: Grimas Water Makeup Palette A and B

Grimas Water based makeup are semi-soft, water activated makeup and need very little water (literally two drops will be enough) to attain a creamy consistency. They are mainly used for face and body painting and can also be used as eyeshadow bases for bold and vibrant looks. To apply the colour, you would need some good quality rounded/ flat brushes like these:

Art Brushes
Art Brush Set

You'll also need Stipple sponges for applying on larger areas of skin. Stipple sponges are not the regular makeup sponges! they are open cell sponges which you use especially for water based makeup.

Grimas Sponges
Grimas Sponges for applying water based makeup

As a beginner as far as face painting is concerned and also venturing into the area of creative makeup techniques, I had to practise a few strokes and get used to these before actually getting to doing it on my face.
I used my Grimas Water Makeup palettes for the flower pattern around my eyes in my Fantasy Christmassy Look - not bad for a first time painting job, right?

Apart from the water based makeup I also ordered a mixing palette from the website as I knew it will come handy while mixing various aqua colours to create different shades.

Mixing Palette
Mixing Palette

Onto some swatches:
Grimas Water Makeup Palettes
L to R: Grimas Water Makeup Palette A and B

These colors are super pigmented and once dry they do not rub/smear off, however, be cautious while using them as if applied too much of the colour, it may bleed and if that happens, you'll need to wipe that off with a damp cloth to remove the excess stuff. These colours can be easily removed using soap and water. You'll also need to master the art of using right amount of water as if you put excess water into them, it can make the colour look watery and end up on the skin with a patchy finish!

Overall these palettes get a huge thumbs up from me! If you are into creative makeup and face painting then I seriously recommend Grimas Water Makeup Palette 'A' and 'B'!

So have any of you tried them or planning to? Feel free to share your views about them!
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  1. Wow! Those colours are really pigmented!
    I have to take a look to this brand! (^_^)

  2. The pigmentation is amazing :-)

  3. These Colors are so beautiful & amazing. And for your Fantasy Christmassy look, i would say it was outstanding ;)

  4. wow, what bright colors!! maybe for face painting since I dont wear such bold colors:-)

  5. nice colors..especially the orange and pink!
    it adds to the complexion!

  6. Wowwwww awesome shades!!! Love the pigmentation:)

  7. something about the palette packaging (the first pic) reminds me of LEGO toys :)!!

  8. The pigmentation is insane! Wow!! :) The colors are just beyond gorgeous!!

  9. These look amazing! Lovely colors and so pigmented


  10. Thank you for your comments, ladies xoxo

  11. Wow, the colours are so vibrant! Face painting is something foreign to me. I'm intrigued.


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